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Success Stories

We see success every day and it can come in the form of a child being welcomed back to a more healthy, loving family, a homeless youth getting off the streets, a youth in substance abuse services committing themselves to leading a life free from the chains of chemicals, or a parent and child meeting their therapeutic goals and deciding they no longer need family therapy services.

We receive numerous positive letters and messages from our clients, their families and organizational partners. These correspondences depict how our clients have conquered problems and hurdles and are living successful lives. We thought we would share them with you, our supporters. We are only able to provide these services because of your continued support. We hope you take pride in the accomplishments of these young people and take pride in helping us build a stronger community.

A Letter of Thanks

Being a single mom is never the easiest job out there. I had my first child when I was fifteen and then I had my second child when I turned 19. I thought that’s every thing I wanted until things took the wrong turn. I got kicked out of my parent’s house because they couldn’t keep up with me and my responsibilities. They said they had my younger siblings to worry about. So I left with my two kids to stay at a friend’s house from time to time.

One day I went to do grocery shopping I seen an ad about helping teens who are homeless to get their lives straighten out. I call the number to AYR and I met up with my case manager.  We talk about goals that I wanted to accomplish. I had many goals for a teen mom. I wanted to finish school, get my license, get a car, job and then get a stable home. It took me awhile to get these C3-1goals out of the way. It really help me to have support by my side to keep reminding me that I can make a difference if I make the right choices.

Through out the years I work with many different case managers.  It did a good thing for me because I get to hear different advices from each of them.  It wasn’t easy just to take any advice from anyone. I had a hard time trusting people because of my past relationships. Later I realize my goals are being met because the advice that are given I take it and use it. With me making a choice to use the advice from my case manager and friends helped me to get where I’m at now.

I am currently at Green River Community College working on getting my AA in teaching and I recently got a scholarship from the National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education. I’m also working at the school.

Yes, sometimes its sounds harsh what they are telling us but being a mother we have that sense where we want what is best for us and the kids.  All that I am saying is we have a choice to make a difference. I would like to say thank you to all the AYR case managers that I work with for helping me to achieve my goals and helping to be independent and start my family.  It was a struggle to start a family but I needed that push you guys gave to me.

Thank You,